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Thumbnailator is a Java library for creating thumbnails. Using Thumbnailator simplifies the process of resizing images and adding watermarks or logos by providing a fluent interface which reduces the amount of code required to achieve results.

Thumbnailator is free, open-source software available under the MIT license.

The Thumbnailator project is currently hosted at Google Project Hosting.


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How to Use Thumbnailator

Thumbnailator is based around a fluent interface which can be used to simply generate thumbnail images:

BufferedImage originalImage = File("original.jpg"));
BufferedImage watermarkImage = File("watermark.png"));

BufferedImage thumbnail = Thumbnails.of(originalImage)
        .size(200, 200)
        .watermark(Positions.BOTTOM_RIGHT, watermarkImage, 0.5f)

How to Use Thumbnailator contains the API documentation (Javadoc), the description on the overall design, and examples on using Thumbnailator to generate thumbnail images...

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Thumbnailator is available as free, open-source software under the MIT license. The source code for Thumbnailator is available for download.

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Previous Releases

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Originally, Thumbnailator was designed to be an application which generates a picture gallery using images taken from a digital camera. Later, it turned into a more general-purpose thumbnail generation API.

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Thumbnailator requires Java(TM) 2 Platform, Standard Edition, Runtime Environment v. 1.5 or later.

The newest version of the Java(TM) Runtime Environment is available from Oracle.