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Dvaspi Screenshots

Data Sets tab

Dvaspi Data Set View
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The Data Sets tab lists the current data sets that are loaded into Dvaspi. The data set to be processed is selected in this tab. Multiple data sets can be selected for removal and altering viewports.

Selection Table tab

Dvaspi Selection Table tab
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The Selection Table tab lists the currently selected points of the selected data set in the Data Sets tab. Points can be deselected and copied to the system clipboard from this tab.

Window tab

Dvaspi Window tab
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The Window tab visually displays the loaded data sets and the viewports of each set. The current viewport of each data set is displayed as a filled rectangle while the absolute limits of the data values of each set is shown as a unfilled rectangle.

In the screenshot above, the current viewport window is the narrow filled rectangle to the left of the unfilled rectangle. The unfilled rectangle represents the limits of the data points contained in the data set.

Console tab

Dvaspi Console tab
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The Console tab displays messages from the application.

Properties tab

Dvaspi Properties tab
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The Properties tab displays properties of the data set in tabular form. Changes to the properties of the data set can be made in this section.

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