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Coobird's Blocks is a Breakout-like game written in Java. The game applet can be played at

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Coobird's Blocks is open source software available under the modified BSD license. The license is included with each download. Alternatively, you can read the license here.


Coobird's Blocks requires Java(TM) 2 Platform, Standard Edition, v 1.4.2 or later. The newest version of the Java(TM) Runtime Environment is available from Sun Microsystems.


Changes made to Coobird's Blocks is available on in the changes.txt included in the archive. You can also read the changes here.


The current version of Coobird's Blocks is 0.2. It should still be considered a work in progress. The release date is May 8, 2008.

Java Applet download

Coobird's Blocks applet (24 KB, ZIP archive)

The Java applet is packed in an Java Archive (JAR) file. To play the game, the applet must be embedded in a web page, or be launched from Applet Viewer. An example webpage (HTML) is included in the ZIP archive.

Java Application download

Coobird's Blocks application (25 KB, ZIP archive)

The Java application is also packed as a Java Archive (JAR) file. There is no installation procedure to Coobird's Blocks. Unzip the ZIP archive and copy the JAR file to a location of your choice. The JAR file can be executed by double-clicking the file (in Windows) or thorugh the command line using the java application launcher.

Source code

Coobird's Blocks source code (25 KB, ZIP archive)

Coobird's Blocks is part of the net.coobird.blocks package. To compile Coobird's Blocks, you'll want to run javac from the directory that contains the net directory. In Windows, you'll want to run the compiler by javac -source net\coobird\blocks\*.java. For more information on how to use javac, please refer to the javac documentation.

Past Releases

The following is the past releases of Coobird's Blocks:

Coobird's Blocks 0.1

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