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Thumbnailator - past releases

Information provided in this section is from a previous version of Thumbnailator, and does not reflect the current version of the software. For current information, please visit the Thumbnailator project.

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Thumbnailator is a collection of Java classes and applications designed to produce thumbnail images. Thumbnailator provides simple means to produce thumbnails using the classes that simplifies the process of resizing images and adding watermarks or logos to the resulting image.

Thumbnailator is free, open-source software available under the modified BSD license. The current release is 0.1, made public on May 14, 2008.


The Features page includes many examples of thumbnails produced using Thumbnailator which illustrates its capabilities.

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How to Use Thumbnailator

Thumbnailator offers classes that make it easy to produce thumbnails from Java applications. The basic design of Thumbnailator is based around four classes which can be accessed through the Thumbnailator API.

How to Use Thumbnailator contains the API documentation (Javadoc), the description on the overall design, and examples on using Thumbnailator to generate thumbnail images...

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Thumbnailator is available as free, open-source software under the modified BSD license. The source code for Thumbnailator is available for download.

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TMass is a Java console application which will create thumbnails for all images (that Thumbnailator supports) in the directory which TMass resides in. This application has been used when making the thumbnails for the Picture Gallery on


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Originally, Thumbnailator was designed to be an application which generates a picture gallery using images taken from a digital camera. Thumbnailator would utilize components from the Thumbnailator Core Classes in order to perform the thumbnail and static web page generation.

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Thumbnailator requires Java(TM) 2 Platform, Standard Edition, Runtime Environment v. 1.4 or later.

The newest version of the Java(TM) Runtime Environment is available from Sun Microsystems.