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How to Use Thumbnailator

Information provided in this section is from a previous version of Thumbnailator, and does not reflect the current version of the software. For current information, please visit the Thumbnailator project.

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Thumbnailator is a collection of Java classes and applications designed to produce thumbnail images. This section describes how to use the available classes in writing Java applications which utilizes the thumbnail generation facilities provided by Thumbnailator.

Documentation, basic design information, code examples, and sample applications are available.

It should be noted that Thumbnailator should be considered to be in the alpha stage of development, so it is not free of bugs or defects and future versions may change in terms of the design (which may mean future APIs will be incompatible with the current), supported features, and the ways to use the library.

Basic design

Thumbnailator consists of four main classes:

Thumbnailator is based around the TGenerator class which provides the thumbnail generation facilities. The thumbnails are generated according to the parameters set in the TImageParams object...

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Thumbnailator API Documentation

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The Thumbnailator API Documentation is a Javadoc of Thumbnailator which is part of the net.coobird.thumbnailator package. It has a listing of all the public classes and methods which can be used in writing Java applications which utilizes Thumbnailator to generate thumbnail images.

The documentation is for Thumbnailator 0.1, and it is possible that the Thumbnailator will change in future versions which will make previous code incompatible with the newest version of the library.

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Sample Code and Applications

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Sample code and applications are provided to demonstrate how to use Thumbnailator to produce thumbnail images in Java applications.

The examples are concise programs which show how to use the classes that are available in Thumbnailator to simply and easily produce thumbnails.

In addition, there are currently two applications, one that will open a image and display it in an window, and another application that will accept an image from the clipboard and save a resized thumbnail to a file.

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