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Information provided in this section is from a previous version of Thumbnailator, and does not reflect the current version of the software. For current information, please visit the Thumbnailator project.

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Thumbnailator is a collection of Java classes and applications designed to produce thumbnail images. Many features for creating thumbnails are provided through Thumbnailator.

Create high-quality thumbnails

Thumbnailator provides a high-quality thumbnail generating facility which resizes existing images to produce good looking thumbnails. Below is a comparison of an image which was resized using a non-Thumbnailator application (left) to a Thumbnailator application (right).

Normal resizing
Normal resizing
Thumbnailator resizing
Thumbnailator resizing

Embed a watermark or logo

Thumbnailator allows embedding of a watermark or logo in a thumbnail image. The watermark can be positioned either in one of the four corners and in the center. It can also be positioned in an arbituary location in the image with the watermark also resized as well.

The position of the watermark is defined as constants in the TGenerator class.

Watermark positioned at top-left
Watermark position:
Watermark positioned at top-right
Watermark position:
Watermark positioned at bottom-left
Watermark position:
Watermark positioned at bottom-right
Watermark position:
Watermark positioned at center
Watermark position:
Watermark positioned at arbituary location
Watermark position:

Adjustable watermark transparency

Thumbnailator allows the embedding of watermarks such as logos with varying opacity from 0% to 100%, where 0% is transparent and 100% is opaque.

10% opacity watermark
10% Opacity
50% opacity watermark
50% Opacity
100% opacity watermark
100% Opacity

Resize existing images to desired dimensions

Thumbnailator can resize an existing image to a desired dimension to create a thumbnail.

40x30 thumbnail
40x30 thumbnail
80x60 thumbnail
80x60 thumbnail
160x120 thumbnail
160x120 thumbnail

Multiple quality modes

The rendering quality of the thumbnail can be selected from multiple quality modes. They are a tradeoff of speed and quality of the resulting thumbnail.

The quality modes are defined as constants in the TGenerator class.

Highest quality watermark
Highest Quality
High quality watermark
High Quality
Medium quality watermark
Medium Quality
Low quality watermark
Low Quality
Fast mode watermark
Fast Mode

Rotate the thumbnail

When generating a thumbnail, the original image can be rotated by 90 degrees clockwise or counter-clockwise or 180 degrees.

The rotation is defined as constants in the TGenerator class.

No rotation
No rotation
90 degrees clockwise rotation
90 degrees clockwise
180 degrees rotation
180 degrees
90 degrees counter-clockwise rotation
90 degrees counter-clockwise

Preserving the aspect ratio

160x120 image
Aspect ratio preserved
160x80 image
80x120 image

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